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A dream come true

Growing up, I always dreamt of a project that could both complement the breathtaking beauty of Lake Atitlán and make a significant contribution to its community.

Two years ago, that dream began to take shape when we acquired a piece of land with a distinctive vision in mind.

Our aim was to establish not just a top-tier resort with exceptional facilities and services, but also to pioneer a unique rental strategy that nurtures a community of guests interested in short and long-term stays. From the day the land became ours, our quest began for a professional team that could translate this ambitious vision into a concrete reality. Today, we are proud to have onboard a dedicated team that is committed to bringing 'Rexejuyu' – meaning 'beneath the mountain' – to life.

Of course, the journey is not without its challenges. The complex topography of Lake Atitlán's shores is just one of many. But we've chosen to transform these challenges into learning opportunities not only for us, but also for others who share our dreams. To this end, we're documenting our journey in a comprehensive "Docuseries" that covers everything from initial plans to ongoing progress and, eventually, the completed project.

However, Rexejuyu represents much more than a mere architectural project. It is our commitment to social responsibility and giving back to the Lake Atitlán community. As part of our mission, we aim to create employment opportunities and support local organizations dedicated to preserving the lake's pristine condition. By sharing our journey and showcasing the careful planning and unyielding determination it entails, we hope to inspire others with similar dreams, demonstrating that with hard work and passion, dreams can indeed come to fruition. Rexejuyu is not just a dream; it is our way of contributing to a sustainable and vibrant future for Lake Atitlán.

Collaboration fuels our innovation.

  • Distinct villas, unique experiences.
  • Tackling challenges together, shaping luxurious experiences.
  • An exclusive community, bound by shared experiences and supreme services
  • Welcome to REXEJUYU: Luxury redefined, community reinvented.


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